Aditya-Shweta were in a live-in relationship for 10 years, Udit Narayan

Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal made their relationship after 10 years of courtship on December 1, 2020. Their wedding date coincides with Aditya’s father and noted singer Udit Narayan’s birthday. Speaking about the co-incidence, Udit Narayan revealed, “December 1 is my birthday. It’s not as if we planned my son’s wedding to coincide with my birthday. But when December was mentioned by the astrologer as an auspicious day for marriage,we said, why not? From now on we can have two celebrations on the same day.”

Udit expresses regret that due to pandemic, he couldn’t invite all his friends for the happy occasion. “I have just one son. I wanted his marriage to be much more lavish. But the Covid has taken the joy away from all celebrations. In fact, I wanted my son to wait until this pandemic was over before getting married. But Shweta’s family and Aditya were keen that they get married now. My son and Shweta were in a live-in relationship for ten years. I guess it was time for them to make it official.”

Udit says he did his best he keep his guest list limited, the singer said, “For the wedding reception since we were only allowed 50 guests at one venue, we hired three sections of   the ITC Maratha and invited 50 guests at each of those venues. We could invite 150 guests. The wedding took place at a temple. Earlier, we had the tilak ceremony at the Raheja Classics and then the mehndi and sangeet with a limited number of invitees. I feel sad about not being able to invite everyone. But I promise to invite all my friends after the Covid threat is over.”

Udit was happy to receive letter from the Prime Minister. “Modiji wrote me a letter after I invited him for the wedding. So did Bachchan Saab and Ambaniji. The Defence minister Rajnathji called me to wish us for the wedding. We are fortunate to have the blessings of everyone.”

The singer also feels fortunate to have Shweta for his daughter-in-law. “She is soft-spoken. She hardly speaks. And when she does we have to strain our ears to hear her. We had received many marriage proposals for Aditya, and very tempting ones. When he told my wife and I that he wanted to marry the girl he had been with for so many years, I was happy.”

Udit feels blessed. “Our family is blessed. On the career front too, I am happy to tell you that I’ve sung for Varun Dhawan in Coolie No1. Twenty years ago I had sung for Govinda in the same film.”