Aditya Roy Kapoor burns his hand on 'Aashiqui 2' set

The shooting of the latest musical Aashiqui 2 was on in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a romantic scene where the actors in the lead roles – Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor were releasing Chinese lantern like balloons in the sky. It was during the shooting of this scene that Aditya burned his hand badly.

Reportedly, the flames of the lanterns were very intense and the actor burned his hands while holding them. However, he demonstrated a high degree of professionalism (and an amazing tolerance for pain!) when he continued to shoot without any complaints. In fact, nobody realized that he was suffering from any discomfort. It was only after the shooting was over that the extent of the injury was noted. A source said, "There were several paramedics on stand-by in case of emergency but there was no sign of any discomfort on Aditya's side while the scene was being shot. It was only later that everyone on the sets realized that he had severely burnt his hand." This is not the first time that Aditya has shown such dare devilry. He had already shot a piece of film on the railings of twenty first floor of a building without a safety harness.

Aditya has given excellent performances in ‘Actiion Replay’ and ‘Guzarrish’. ‘Aashiqui 2’, of T series and Vishesh films directed by Mahesh Bhatt will be the first where he appears in the solo lead. “My name is Rahul Jaykar in the film, he is a successful and famous musician but he is not happy in life. He has everything, he has money, he has fame but still he feels something is missing and that is her,” Aditya said. He is playing opposite Shraddha Kapoor – the daughter of one of the best known villains of Bollywood – Shakti Kapoor. “My dad is really happy that I am doing ‘Aashiqui 2’. Even though he appreciated me the last after watching the promos, firstly he said the film looks quiet promising and good, and then he appreciated Aditya,” said Shraddha. This is her debut film.

The film is not a sequel of the musical blockbuster of the 90s. However, its lyrical melodies which have proven to be a refreshing change from the hot masala numbers have already found favor among the audience.

The film is due to release on 26 April.