Hidden love affair of Aditya Pancholi, Kangana to be exposed

Kangana Ranaut is always the talk of the town. From her flawless taste in fashion, to her incredible performance in recent movies, the ‘Queen’ simply rules the film industry. Kangana is getting yet another chance to gain immense publicity. But this time, she does not have to put any efforts at all and yet she will have a lot of attention to gain.

The opportunity is her outdated love affair with actor Aditya Pancholi. It is reported that Aditya will very soon be writing a book on his affair with Kangana. A source shed light on this matter, “It’s going to be a sensational account of a relationship that nearly tore his family life apart. The story won’t see him in a confessional mode. Instead, it will be written in third person and readers can consider it to be fact or fiction. But those familiar with the actor’s history will easily figure out who the ‘significant other’ in his account is.”

The love story began when Kangana was a fresh face in Bollywood. The actress is utmost successful now, but it was a very hard struggle for her especially due to her poor command over English. She had admitted to the media, “"People in the industry treated me like I didn't deserve to be spoken to and I was some unwanted object. I couldn't speak English fluently and people made fun of me for that. So dealing with rejection became a part of life. All that has taken a toll, I guess. I find it hard to deal with praise. Today, when people say that I have made it and made it on my own, I feel like locking up myself somewhere... It scares me.” It was then that Kangana received support from Aditya Pancholi, married to Zarina Wahab.

The scandal broke and the two denied any affair, although they were seen together many times. It was shocking when in 2007, Kangana accused Pancholi of ill treating her under the influence of alcohol. Kangana was quite frank about the affair, “We don’t have any equation anymore. There was a time when I knew him well. I used to talk to him but not anymore”. When asked about the hurtful incident, here is what Kangana said, “Looking back, I feel I was so young and reckless and made so many mistakes which have damaged me physically and mentally. I met all kinds of people and have got into major trouble.”