Aditya Pancholi drugged and raped me when I was 17, actress tells police

Aditya Pancholi, who just got interim bail from court in a long rape case, finds himself in fresh trouble. A leading Bollywood actress approached police and narrated her story.

In a two-and-a-half page statement to Versova Police the actress has stated that, "In the year 2004, I came to Mumbai with a dream of becoming a big actor someday in the film industry. In 2004 itself, I met actor Aditya Pancholi who was then 38 year old, almost 22 year older than me and I was staying at a hostel with group of girls, Aditya was married with two childrens, his daughter was of my age then."

"In 2014 only, I went to a party along with him and some time after having a drink I started feeling dizzy, then only I suspected that he (Pancholi) spiked my drinks. After party got over, Pancholi said, he will drop me at my home so I went along with him in his Range Rover Car, in the middle of the Yari road he stopped his car and got physical with me forcefully and he also took my photographs which I wasn't aware. On the next we met again and he told me that now we have husband and wife like relations between us and we will live together like husband and wife, I told him,that you are of my father's age and I will marry someone who is of my age. Then he showed all my photographs he took inside his car and started blackmailing and  threatening me of showing these pictures to others, at that time I was quite young, I had no one in Mumbai and he took the advantage of same," actress further stated in her statement.