Aditya Narayan suffers wardrobe malfunction during wedding ceremony

Aditya Narayan tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Shweta Agarwal on December 1st. Pictures and videos of the singer-host wedding did the round on net but the most interesting revelation was made by Aditya himself. He said that during wedding ceremony, he suffered wardrobe malfunction.

During a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Aditya Narayan revealed that his Pyjama got torn while he was being lifted by his family and friends to put the garland around Shweta and he had to wear his friend’s pyjama for the pheras.

"I had to wear my friend’s pyjama. Mine tore while I was being lifted to put the garland on Shweta. So I had to wear his for the pheras. Luckily my friend and I are of similar build," Aditya said.

Aditya also opened up about his feeling to marry Shweta, “It feels great! We are lucky to have found each other and to have grown and been together for so many years”.

Aditya and Shweta will have three mini-vacations -- Shillim, Sula vineyards and Gulmarg as the former needs to be present in Mumbai every weekend.