Aditya Chopra takes best care of soon-to-be-mum, Rani

Ever since Rani Mukherji’s pregnancy report got confirmed, the Chopra bahu has almost gone underground. Aditya Chopra, who is a private person do not want Rani to be clicked with her baby bump and Rani too not interested for a show-off. It is heard that YRF head honcho, who is highly excited to become father is spending maximum time with his pregnant wife.

Rani is keeping a low profile these days and caught only once or twice with her baby bump. She very often makes a tour to foreign land with her hubby. The ‘Mardaani’ actress also stopped visiting Yash Raj office. Rani also performed puja at her residence for the well-being of her child.

Rani also headed to Europe and was spotted outside a swanky spa where she reportedly took a prenatal massage.

Rani Mukherji also skipped Durga Puja celebration this year and it was heard that the actress headed for some undisclosed foreign location with her hubby as she does not want to be clicked.

Aditya, who is looking forward to become daddy for the first time has made a lavish nursery for his soon-to-be born child.

Rani’s pregnancy is due in January and the Chopra and Mukherji family are looking forward to this D-day which high anticipation.