Aditya Chopra gifts diamond ring to Rani

Rani Mukherjee at the final of Dhoom Macha DeSlowly and steadily the relationship is progressing towards marriage. Though Rani always replied aggressively to media whenever her marriage issue was raised but knowingly or unknowingly, she has shown many signs of her presence in Yashraj head honcho Aditya Chopra’s life. The first sign being Rani’s stepping out of her house as her parents are against her marriage. Secondly, Rani’s love for Yashraj films has made her to decorate her living room with Yashraj films poster. And the third most vital symbol is Aditya’s 10 carat diamond gift to her.

What Rani has tried to hide for a long time from the world has finally been evoked by a symbol of togetherness which Aditya has gifted her in a special day and time. Now that Aditya’s divorce case has been settled down, we can expect that their wedding is on the cards. On being asked, it is sure that Rani will again reply harshly to the media and refute the diamond gift story but it will be proved on the day when she will tie knot with him.

May be she is planning to surprise all with her impromptu declaration of marriage to Aditya. Well, Rani we are ready for that.