Aditya Chopra apologizes to Abhishek Bachchan

With promotion of the latest Yash Raj action adventure flick, ‘Dhoom 3’ in full swing, it has been noticed that Abhishek Bachchan has not been given the treatment he deserved as a consistent star of the film series. Although seen in both the prequels and an integral part of the third film of the series, he was given a miss at a few promotional events whereas Aamir Khan was focused on in entirety. We heard from a source that at the First Look launch of the film ‘Dhoom 3’, it was Aamir Khan who stole the show with his interaction while Abhishek was reduced to a quiet presence in the background.  It was noticed at a few other promotional events too where Abhishek was conspicuously missing, especially at the Music launch of the film where Aamir along with co-star Katrina Kaif were present. It was later revealed that Abhishek had no idea about the event. It is no secret that Aamir loves taking centre stage and being in control at everything he does. But it was surprising to note the marketing team of ‘Dhoom 3’ skipping such a valuable detail.

 Being a gentleman, Abhishek Bachchan decided to bite the bullet.  Instead of bringing the injustice to the forefront, he stayed calm and let it pass. Another source said that although he was not comfortable with the way Aamir Khan was gathering attention at his expense, Abhishek wanted to keep quiet about it. It was then that the Yash Raj Production Team realized their mistake and Aditya Chopra was seen visiting Abhishek Bachchan to apologize and make amends for the injustice meted out to him by the team.

Abhishek Bachchan had reportedly sustained injury during workout in December. Nevertheless, he appeared for the promotional launch of the movie with his torn elbow and did not make a fuss about it. After such dedication towards his work and responsibility, the kind of treatment he has received is uncalled for. And one cannot forget that Abhishek Bachchan has had a long standing relationship with the Yash Raj Banner and has several Yash Raj hits to his name.

Realizing their oversight, Aditya Chopra with team in tow visited Abhishek Bachchan to apologize and make amends. We do not know what words passed between them. But all seems forgiven and back on track. Well, it is never too late to say sorry, what say, Aditya Chopra?