Adira doesn't like make-up just like her father: Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukherji’s ‘Hichki’ has impressed the audience and it also earned good profit at the box-office. Rani celebrated the success of ‘Hichki’ with real students. She has also taken her daughter Adira to the show on day three. The film marks Rani’s comeback film after Adira’s birth.

The 40-year-old actor said that the success of ‘Hichki’ proved that audience accepted her despite her marital status. That she is also a mother did not affect the audience at all.  

"It (success) means a lot to me because I was coming back after a baby, so obviously there were so many questions. I am happy you accepted me with open arms and have told me very categorically that my marital status, the fact that I am a mother, doesn't bother you," Rani told reporters. 

Rani said her daughter finally started to understand that her mom is a working woman and quipped she does not like her mother wearing make-up. "She understands that I am coming from work now and says 'Mumma just remove the make up'. She doesn't like make-up, just like her father. So that way, the DNA is working fine," she said.

"What you really want is (for) me (to do) good content films. Thank you so much for all the love," she added.

Rani wants to do her next project soon.

"I'll keep making these comebacks sooner. But definitely I'll do more films. That's always been something I have loved doing. I wanted to see how 'Hichki' does. It's important to know if the audience wants to see you back on screen, because there was a gap of years which I took after my marriage and baby," she said. "I wanted to see if people were keen to see me. Now that I know they are, I am sure the projects I had kept on hold till the release of Hichki will now see the light of the day," the actor added.