Adhyayan, Kangana still love each other

Adhyayan Suman’s close association with actresses Shahana Goswami and Anjana Sukhani gave birth to the rumor that he has cut ties with his girlfriend Kangana Ranaut. But Adhyayan’s way of taking care of Kangana’s household affairs in her absence has proved that the couple is still together and going strong.

Confirming their bonding, a source says, ''The duo are very much together and the news about their split-up is absolutely untrue. Infact the couple, who had started dating during the filming of RAAZ - The Mystery Continues last year, is planning to celebrate their first anniversary together soon and are bemused to know about this speculative report.''

Further the source clears the air about Kangana's link up with Barbara’s brother, ''Rumors of Kangna's link up with Kintaro Mori are completely false, as are link ups of Adhyayan with Shahana and Anjana. All parties mentioned Infact, are in happy stable relationships of their own (Anjana-Rehaan, Shahana-Milind etc.), and good friends with each other.''

Adhyayan and Kangana started to see one another while shooting for Raaz 2 and like other Bollywood couples they have never kept their affair under wrap.