Adhyayan breaks up with Kangana

One year of togetherness and then break-up is the short love story of Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut. Hectic shooting schedule and rare meeting are the reasons given behind their split up and moreover Adhyayan Suman wished to concentrate on his career and does not want to divide his time between love and career. There’s lot coming on his way and so he has decided to end his relationship with Kangana.

It was a mutual decision and Kangana also accepted to move on. At first she was shocked on hearing Adhyayan’s decision but later she was convinced and let him go his way by wishing Adhyayan all the best in life. Both met at a dinner and broke up after discussing calmly. More than Kangana, it was Adhyayan who was eager to get out of the relationship.

Their relationship was more of a burden for them than happiness. Both felt that they need to concentrate on their respective career as their relationship was heading nowhere. They chose the initial stage to be the perfect time as it would be easy for them to accept the truth.

This piece of news will definitely provide some happiness to Shekhar Suman who was never happy with Adhyayan-Kangana's relationship.