Adan Sami to Pak: Had to clean the ‘garbage’, as you couldn’t

Pakistani origin singer Adnan Sami, who obtained Indian citizenship a few years ago, has been abused by Pakistani social media users, after he hailed the Indian Army’s recent surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).

The singer had expressed his happiness and tweeted, “Big Congratulations to @PMOIndia & our brave Armed forces for a brilliant, successful & mature strategic strike against #terrorism!” This didn’t go down well with his fans across the border who tagged him ‘gaddar’ (traitor) on the digital platform.

Following the backlash, Adan tweeted again, “Pakistanis r outraged by my earlier tweet. Their outburst clearly means they see Terrorist & Pakistan as the same! #selfgoal#stopterrorism.”

Speaking about his tweets at the at the Safaigiri Awards 2016 on Sunday, Adan said, "It was straight from my heart.” On being labelled a ‘super villain’ in Pakistan, the singer justified saying, “It is not important where the strike took place, but why it took place. This is a strike to eliminate terror camps, be it on any side of the border.” He also added that he pardons those who criticised him for the tweet.

At the event, Adnan drew an analogy between garbage and terrorism and said that if he sees garbage flowing into his house from the neighbour’s place, he will complain against it to his neighbour. If the neighbour fails to take any action and complains that he is also getting affected by it, then he will have to clean the garbage himself.

The said that the surgical strike was a necessary measure in order to clean the garbage from the neighbour, Pakistan, which they couldn’t. Adnan also made a point that by cleaning the neighbour’s garbage, he is actually helping them and should be thankful instead of complaining.

Speaking about the issue of terrorism, Adnan said that it had no border as terrorists attack wherever they want to.

"Whether it was the 9/11 attacks, Paris shooting or the attack on the Taj, people across the world mourn the collective loss. When school kids in Pakistan come under fire, all our hearts bleed equally because we are more affected by young lives snuffed out than getting caught up in their nationalities”, he said.