Driver sends obscene text messages to Rakhi

The past few days have been an extremely scary affair for actress Rakhi Vijan. Being stalked through text messages is certainly not any girl’s childhood dream and she put a befitting stop to it by letting the police handle the matter. The stalker was in for a bad surprise when he found the police at his doorstep on Monday morning, waiting to arrest him.

The accused, Jayesh Singh was hired by actress Rakhi Vijan for a car trip to Shirdi during the month of November. Somehow, he acquired her number and started stalking her by constantly calling her and sending her text messages at ungodly hours. This harassment had been an ongoing phenomenon for the past fifteen days before his arrest on Monday.

‘Sweety’ of TV serial ‘Hum Paanch’ fame, Rakhi Vijan finally turned to the police three days before the arrest to file a complaint against the number at Santacruz Police Station. The police got on to the case by forming a team and keeping a track of the number used by Singh. The number was traced to Matunga. But the police hit a snag as the address on which the SIM card was registered turned out to be fake.

Therefore, they obtained the call detail records of the number. They found that Singh had been in touch with one particular person, which turned out to be a relative of Singh. On questioning him about the driver’s whereabouts, he led them to the driver’s whereabouts where he was arrested. On interrogation, the 29 year old driver, Singh revealed that during the journey to Shirdi, a brief exchange of dialogue between him and Rakhi  led to him ‘falling in love’ with her. He therefore started calling her and sending her (lewd) text messages without disclosing his identity.

After the arrest, Vijan was seen telling reporters, ‘Initially, I thought it was a friend playing a prank on me. But when it went on for 15 days, I filed an FIR. I can go back to living my life now, thanks t his arrest.’ Singh was booked under Section 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman). He was remanded to judicial custory for 15 days after being produced in court yesterday.

Rakhi Vijan is visibly relieved as she did not who her mysterious caller was and the obscenity in the messages was shocking. Jayesh Singh on the other hand received a bad shock as his well thought out plan backfired.