Actress Parul Yadav hospitalized, attacked by six stray dogs

Kannada actress Parul Yadav was hospitalized with serious injuries. She was attacked by six stray dogs. The unpleasant incident took place near her apartment on Jogeshwari Road in the suburbs of Mumbai on Monday.

The serious incident took place when Parul took her pet dog to stroll and other stay dogs attacked her dog. While trying to save her dog, she was attacked by six stay dogs. Several people witnessed the incident but no one dare to save her. She kept shouting and one neighbour ran to help her but by then, the damaged has been done. She already had multiple injuries on her face, legs, hands and neck. There is also a 3-inch deep cut on her head.

Follwoing the incident, Parul Yadav was immediately rushed to Kokillaben hospital and she was given anti rabies injectionss. She is likely to undergo an operation today for her head injury.

Parul Yadav is a popular south Indian actress. She began her career in Tamil and Malayalam films. Later, she debuted in Kannada movie with Pawan Wadeyar's ‘Govindaya Namaha’. She starred i movies like ‘Bachchan’, ‘Uppi2’, ‘Vaastu Prakara’ and ‘Killing Veerappan’

She also did a TV show called ‘Bhagyavidhaata’.