Actress Khushboo rubbishes Rambha’s divorce rumours

Actress Rambha has been recently making news over her divorce rumours. The ‘Judwaa’ actress is married to Canada-based businessman Indran Pathmanathan. Reports claimed that the couple has been living separately and has filed for divorce.

According to reports, Rambha was recently spotted at a family court in Chennai. Certain reports claimed that she went there seeking the court’s help to restore her troubled marriage.

However, the actress has denied the rumours and clarified that everything is fine in her marriage.

"I just heard from my brother that there was such a rumour going on. If I have filed for divorce, there would be an entry, right? And wouldn't people have noticed me if I had gone to the court for this? Everything is fine in my marriage," the Times of India quoted her as saying.

Her fellow actress Khushboo Sundar also rubbished the reports of Rambha’s troubled relationship with her husband and also he has built a mansion in Canada for his wife.

Khushboo took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “I think ppl should let their mind 2 rest when it comes 2 #Rambha..had visited her in Canada wen news of her divorce ws d hottest topic… Found her 2 be blissfully happy n planning 2 move into a huge mansion her loving hubby built for her..hve been in constant touch with her."

"RAMBHA is well settled into domesticity with her 2 angelic girls, caring hubby n loving in laws..let her live in peace n allw ur mind 2 rest," Khushboo added in another tweet.

Rambha and Indran Pathmanathan tied the knot in 2010, after which she left her acting career and settled in Toronto with her husband, helping him in his business. The couple has two daughters -Lavanya and Sasha.