Actress Divya Agarwal's father dies of Covid-19

Television actress Divya Agarwal's father died of COVID-19 on Wednesday. The ‘Ace Of Space’actress shared the news on her social media handle. Sharing a picture of her father, she wrote,"You are always with me... I love you, Papa... RIP."

Earlier this month, he was tested positive for the virus and was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai.

Several celebrities from film and television industry including producer Ekta Kapoor, actress Esha Gupta, TV stars Shruti Sinha, Shweta Mehta and Priyanka Udhwani, expressed condolence. Divya Agarwal's boyfriend and actor Varun Sood, also shared an emotional post for her father.

On Tuesday, when her father’s condition deteriorated, Divya Agarwal shared a post urging her fans to pray for her father's health. "I request everyone to pray for my dad dil se at 5 pm... a collective force of prayer will be really helpful...Mujhe nahi pata kitne beliefs hote hai... I know there's god. Please pray to god... I have tried everything possible and I'm not going stop trying," she wrote.

In her early posts, Divya shared that her brother Prince first tested positive for COVID-19 and it was followed by her parents. Her father was a heart patient and he was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. Almost a week ago, Divya shared a family photo and wrote about his father's condition. "In this battle of life.. my dad has always taught me to be strong... I'm hell of a strong daughter and will prove it to life that no matter how bad it is... I'm going to face you with love and believe in god. My dad needs a lot of prayers...I'll fight this," read an excerpt from her post.