Actress Deepika Singh trolled for applying lipstick to her niece

‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ actress Deepika Singh was trolled for applying lipstick to her niece, Yoshika. The video shows Deepika holding lipstick in one hand and food on the other. When she applied lipstick to her brother-in-law’s daughter, she was calm but when she takes food in front of her mouth, she is showing disinterested.

Deepika put out the video with a caption, “Girls loves lipstick more than their food. Yoshika is proving this”.

No sooner, Deepika Singh shared the video, she was trolled. Netizens heavily showered on her for applying lipstick to a small baby as it carries harmful chemicals and might harm the baby. 

When the trolls didn’t stop, the actress lost her cool and in one of her replies, said, “First discover peace in your life. Never judge ppl by seeing them in just 33 seconds. You’re single & I’m a mother & how much I take care of my kids, I needn’t to tell you. Don’t dare to mess with me regarding the safety of my kids.”

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