Actress Anjali denies being involved in a drunken brawl

Gorgeous actress Anjali denies claims of having a drunken brawl. On Friday, 23rd of January the actress visited Tabla Pub, which is situated in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. According to her she went to the pub to catch up with her female friends and their husbands. However, according to the media the actress got drunk and initiated a brawl.  

Reports stated that the pub was about to be closed and that an inebriated Anjali began moving towards the dance floor. She was informed by the staff that the pub would soon be closed and hence, she could not dance. Anjali who was enraged by this initiated a scuffle. If reports are to be believed, the brawl got out of hand and the management had to intervene and Anjali began using expletives. The management had to call police officials due to the intense clash.

This, the actress says, is the media’s version of the events. Anjali stated “I visited Tabla Pub with my friends and a photographer approached me for photographs. Obviously I had to deny the request as I was with friends for non professional reasons. I denied in the most polite and clear manner that I could not be photographed. 15 minutes went by before I saw reports on TV saying that I had gotten into a drunken brawl.”

The dismayed actress further added “this is a completely fictitious report that was cooked up by some disgruntled media persons. The police did arrive at the pub but I am unaware of the reason behind their presence. All I know is that it was certainly not because of me”.      

This incident that sparked a controversy is not the first for Anjali. Quite recently, this famous starlet of the south was in the limelight due to a controversy that had stirred up. It had been reported that Anjali had run away from her residence, which she shared with her mother, due to problems with her. These reports were doing rounds some time ago and now this controversy has popped up. It seems that the leading lady of ‘Geethanjali’ does have her own unique ways of staying in the limelight.

Anjali is a renowned name in the southern film industry and her performance in ‘Kattradhu Thamizh’ was acclaimed by critics. Anjali is currently shooting for two southern films. Her upcoming Tamil movie is named ‘Mappillai Singam’, while her upcoming Kannada film is unnamed as of now.

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