Actor Sumeet Sachdev’s wife Amrita suffers miscarriage, actor seeks justice

‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actor Sumeet Sachdev's wife Amrita Gujral suffered an unfortunate miscarriage. The actor’s wife was five months pregnant. The family is in deep grief over the loss.

Sumeet ran an online petition to seek justice.  He wrote, "Introducing you all to EHAN ... beloved son of Amrita & Sumeet. You came into our lives And made it shine so bright We were family From two now we were three. We saw you wave at us Excitedly saying hi Little did we know You meant to say GOODBYE. Your brief time with us Was it for a reason? All we know is you were born...... straight into Heaven. Ehan, you shall be loved and missed always... Please sign this petition ...and spread the word and awareness for others to do so as well. A humble request. Thank you. (Link to the petition is shared on my bio - Thanks again)."

According to Sumeet, Amrita's employer, Mr. Prahlad Advani harassed her over maternity leave and this created a tension which lead to the miscarriage.

The petition reads, "Employers harassment over maternity leave because of a personal issue causes loss of innocent CHILD'S LIFE. Amrita Sachdev who was a very senior employee with the Caravela hotel in Goa since 2016, tragically lost her child as a result of mental anguish and torment she was subjected to because she was pregnant and opted to take leave for the advised bed rest."

Without prior intimation, a termination letter was sent to her and within 30 minutes Amrita’s umbilical cord prolapsed and they lost their baby.

Sumeet and Amrita have been married for the past 11 years.

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