Actor Mohanlal under fire for backing PM’s Modi demonetisation

Superstar Mohanlal faced the wrath of the Kerala politicians for supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move. He drives controversy when he compared queue at banks or ATMs with the long line at liquor outlets.

“We stand in queue before liquor outlets, theatres and places of worship without any complaint. I think there is nothing wrong in standing in queue at a bank or ATM for a while for a good cause,” Mohanlal wrote in ‘A big salute to virtuous India’, the latest post in his blog ‘The Complete Actor’. He said he salutes the note ban move of the government.

Mohanlal, who is shooting in Rajasthan said that demonetisation has hit the film project too. “I too am forced to adjust… I can bear with the situation as a responsible citizen and also as a person who can think sensibly.”

Since his post on Monday, a hashtag campaign was started by critics called ‘The Complete Disaster’. “We would not pardon you for having compared the people who stood in queue to exchange their hard-earned money with those who stand in front of liquor shops for a drop of dizziness,” says one comment.

Kerala PCC vice-president V D Satheesan criticised Mohanlal for the reason. 

“He should have understood that people are standing in queue at banks and ATMs not to buy liquor but to collect their money. He has insulted the poor people who have collapsed to death while standing in queue… to get their hard-earned money for treatment or marriage,” Satheesan said.

Referring to Mohanlal’s remark that he too stands in queue wherever necessary, Satheesan said, “The queues in front of banks are different from the queues at air-conditioned halls and airports where you claimed to have stood in.’’