Actor Balakrishna in trouble for “kiss or impregnate" comment

Telugu actor-politician N Balakrishna has come under fire for his sleazy remarks belittling women during a function in Hyderabad recently. A team of lawyers have filed a police complaint against the 56-year-old actor for his “derogatory” remarks.

Speaking at the audio release function of Telugu film ‘Savitri’ held on Friday, March 4, Balakrishna said, “If I play eve-teasing roles, and just follow girls, my fans will not accept. Either a kiss should be given or they should be made pregnant.” Female actors present on stage appeared visibly shocked and embarrassed during the course of his speech.

Balakrishna's vulgur remarks had gone viral on the internet and drew flak from the online fraternity as well. Balakrishna is a TDP MLA from Hindupur constituency and is the brother-in-law of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He is also the father-in-law of the Chief Minister’s son Lokesh. Actor Nara Rohit, who plays the lead role in ‘Savitri’, is the nephew of the Chief Minister.

The actor’s comment has provoked angry reactions from actress-turned YSR Congress Party leader Roja Selvamani and others who demanded an apology from Balakrishna.

"If such senior leaders don't respect women, no wonder status of women is what it is. He must apologise," Roja said.

Later, Balakrishna apologised to the members of the fair sex for his comments on the eve of International Women’s Day. “My comments, made during the audio release ‘Savitri’, were not intentional. They were not intended towards anybody. If anybody got annoyed by my remarks, I apologize to them,” he said on Monday.

“I have utmost respect for women. I treat any woman as my own sister. I never show disrespect to the members of the fairer sex,” he was quoted by a publication.

Balakrishna explained he had made those comments while explaining the plot and storyline that is regularly picked for his movies as per the taste of his fans.