Actor Amit Tandon ends 10 years of marriage with wife Ruby

Television actor Amit Tandon and his wife Ruby Tandon married for the past 10 years are finally separated. For quite a long time, their marriage was going through rough patch and finally they called it a quit. They are currently staying separately.

Amit and Ruby are parents to a seven-year-old girl child, named Jiyana and the father is very concern about her daughter and wants her to keep away from all such negativity. Presently, Jiyana is staying with her mother and recently Ruby took her daughter to Canada for a vacation.

 “I am not going to comment on anything right now. All I can say is that I have a young daughter and I want to make sure that she is taken care of. I don’t want her to be affected negatively. Whatever is happening in our life is now very personal. She [Jiyana] is my priority and I don’t want her to suffer”, says Amit.

According to reports, Amit’s extra marital affair created hole in their relationship. However, denying these reports, Amit says that he and Ruby developed compatibility issues.

Amit, who met his wife Ruby 10 years ago through social media, said that the reason of their separation is not infidelity.

“Whatever is being reported about infidelity issues, is absolutely wrong. We have been together for a while and it’s been 10 years of marriage. Issues started to arise some time back, and there were more of compatibility differences,” says the actor.

The ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ wants to come to a final point with his estranged wife and see that their daughter is not affected with such things.

“We are both slowly and steadily trying to get to a place where we can be there for each other and for our child, in the best way possible. I think that is what two mature adults need to do. A lot of stuff is going around that Ruby has done this or that. I will not say that there is no truth in this, but I don’t want to divulge too much because at the end of the day, our seven-year-old child will be affected by this most and she is my biggest priority,” adds Amit.