Abu Salem ready to divorce Monica

Though Monica Bedi repeatedly denied the report of getting married to gangster Abu Salem, the criminal said that he loved her deeply and was "deeply hurt and distressed" by her statement that she never married him. Salem claimed that he married to Monica in Los Angeles mosque in November 2000. Abu stated that he is really upset as he is not able to communicate iwth her since his arrest in Arthur Road jail.

Salem even claimed that he loves her very much and never caused any hindrance in her career but now if Monica is feeling the burden of their relationship then he will willingly give her divorce and allow her to move out of his life. Monika's happiness is his first priority and he would free her if their marriage is creating any sort of problem in her profession. Salem said that he found "peace, solace and comfort in reading Bedi’s letters and cards sent to him on marriage anniversaries in loneliness of the prison."

However, the court said that if Bedi did not want a divorce from Salem she should "clarify her marital status’" to the press and put all controversy to rest so that Salem could "concentrate upon his defense in the ongoing trial."

Salem, who hails from UP, has three cases pending against him, Mumbai blast case, killing of builder Pradeep Sharma and killing of actor Manisha Koirala’s secretary, Ajit Dewani.