AbRam is more pampered than Aryan and Suhana, Gauri Khan

Star wife and ace designer Gauri Khan gets candid in an interview about his three children, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam and also spoke in length about her work.

Little AbRam was clicked with father Shahrukh in Goa. When asked about it, Gauri said, "I have been travelling. The kids are here, and they leave for London tomorrow. But AbRam is with Shah Rukh in Goa. That child is a globetrotter. He is never here. People just pick him up and run - my mum, Shah Rukh - nobody wants to leave him."

Gauri also added, "I think he is pampered much more [than Aryan and Suhana]. He is more on sets with Shah Rukh too. My other kids didn't do that. I am now wondering, why?."

Talking about her work, Gauri said that she dislikes that her work doesn’t hit the headline just like Shah Rukh Khan. "When headlines are only about Shah Rukh, I get upset. There is no value then to what I do. His achievements are his, and I have no part in them. I do what I do," said Gauri.

She also revealed that she has done some changes to Aryan's room and also redesigned AbRam's room. "We just redid Aryan's room; a new grown-up room. But I can't tell you anything about it. He will kill me! It was inspiring because I had to get in touch with younger designers," shared Gauri.

She further adds having a child after a long time also implies that she stays with him round the clock. She quips, “Everything I do can be done right here from a computer. So I am always next to AbRam, provided he is at home!"