AbRam bonds with Raajeshwari’s daughter Samaya

A new picture of little AbRam was surfaced on net which shows the little one bonds none other than Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop’s daughter Samaya. Shirtless AbRam Khan poses with Samaya.

Singer-VJ Raageshwari, who lives in London, flies to India to visit her parents in Mumbai and she took some time off to visit her old friend Gauri Khan. The report stated that Gauri invited Raageshwari and her daughter Samaya to Mannat. Here the two kids played a lot.

AbRam and Samaya bonded over singing, dancing and swimming. They also enjoyed some yummy snacks of mini pancakes, orange lollies, sausages and milkshakes. Raageshwari also shared with the tabloid, “When it was time to leave, Samaya got emotional and clung on to Gauri and would not let go. AbRam instantly said ‘Aunty Ragz, how does Samaya know my mother is very loving?'”

Raageshwari is also full of praise for SRK’s kid AbRam and said, “AbRam is the brightest four-year-old, his vocabulary and insights are superlative. I give complete credit to Gauri, at the risk of SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) feeling relegated (laughs). Gauri is with him all day long, reading books to him while managing her business.”