Abhishek turns sad as wife Aishwarya serves him broccoli

Undoubtedly, Abhishek Bachchan loves Aishwarya to the heavens but when she served broccoli to him in lunch, his love for his wife has diminished a bit. Abhishek hates green in lunch and he gets irritated when wifey served broccoli to him.

In a funny post, Abhishek informed and shared picture of broccoli being served to him. “Why?? Why would anybody do such a thing? WHY?? I mean…. Who even likes broccoli?!?!,” he wrote in a hate comment directed at the innocent vegetable.

A few hours later, Abhishek tweeted a picture of his lunch, a quinoa salad with broccoli and tomatoes, made by Aishwarya herself. “Talk about #MurphysLaw. Guess the Mrs. read my last post,” he wrote in a tweet. ‘Serves’ him right for being nasty to veggies.

On reading Abhishek’s tweet, his fans post comments like.

“Nehi khayega to mere liye vej do (Send it to me if you don’t want it),” a fan commented on the post. “Lol but lucky you that Mrs gives so much importance to your dislikes in cooking for revenge like a typical wife,” wrote another.

On the work front, after a gap of two years Abhishek Bachchan will be seen in 'Manmarziyan' where he plays a Punjabi munda.