Abhishek speaks for Aishwarya

Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan at Unforgettable press meetAbhishek who is the brand ambassador of Omega watches brushed off the false rumor of Ash being replaced by Katrina in the Nakshatra diamond endorsement. He clears the air of doubts, "Nakshatra was discontinued by Aishwarya. It is false news that she lost out the endorsement to Katrina Kaif. Aishwarya had some conditions and the company did not come to terms with this, so she called it off." He too explained the technicalities of endorsement and its terms and conditions. Abhishek Bachchan came to India from San Francisco for a day just for this event. He flew back to Houston, USA after the event was over to join rest of the Unforgettable team.

Abhishek Bachchan who is known to answer any questions in a ridiculous manner filled up the Omega Olympics conference room with laughter with his tongue-in-cheek answer. When a reporter asked him about learning dance steps for the Unforgettable event from his wife Ash, he quipped sarcastically, "I learn everything that my wife teaches me. Once married you have to."

The troupe has performed at
Toronto, Trinidad, Tobago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and received an overwhelming response. Fun, work and excitement fill up the unforgettable tour. Their Vancouver show was canceled due to promoters pricing show tickets very high. Next they will perform in London, Rotterdam and finally in the German city of Oberhausen.