Abhishek’s Diwali gift to Aishwarya

Few days back, it was reported that the Bachchan bahurani Aishwarya Rai Bachchan got herself rejuvenated with rare beauty oils in an uber exclusive spa centre in Mumbai which is famous for the natural use of products and the result was so tremendous that Abhi was not able to keep his eyes away from her when she arrived on the set of Ravan. Ash was glowing after getting revitalized with those products.

After learning about his wife’s fascination for the ‘Beauty Oils’, Abhishek decided to gift his beautiful wife with real exotic beauty oil gift hamper specially ordered and flown from an unknown destination. The rare beauty oil’s pack includes Patchouli oils, Granium oil and Orange Oil etc.

Ash was thrilled to receive those gifts from Abhi and happy that he understands her choice and takes care of it.