Abhishek on a signing spree

Abhishek BachchanAbhishek Bachchan is turning lucky these days in as much as there is a long queue of the producers and the directors offering him roles in their movies. So it's a sort of signing spree for him. This is indeed heartening for the Bachchan family, which is waiting for a hit from him. While the senior Bachchan is on top of the film industry and getting movie after movie to sign, besides...
...offers of acting as ambassadors for several leading corporate houses or their products, the junior Bachchan is not much behind as his performances are being appreciated both by the audiences and the critics. The youths are crazy over his acting in the recently released 'Yuva'. His main project on hand is 'Sarkar', an adaptation of 'Godfather' wherein both Bachchans are playing vital roles.

While Amitabh Bachchan is playing what Marlon Brando did as Don Corleone, the junior is playing Michael, son of Don. Abhishek is eagerly looking forward to acting in this movie because of two reasons. The first is that he would act with his father, who is an icon of the film industry. And the second reason is that he would get an opportunity to work again with a veteran director like Ram Gopal Verma. He is sure that he would be able to do full justice to this film assigned to him by Verma from whom he learnt a lot during the shoot of 'Naach'. It would not be an exaggeration to mention that this is going to be a fortunate year for Abhishek. Along the line was his recent release 'Yuva'. There are others which have either been released or are awaiting it. They include Boney Kapoor's 'Run', Sanjay Gadvi's 'Dhoom' and Revathy's 'Phir Milenge' besides Verma's 'Naach'.