Abhishek is the hotline to reach Aishwarya urgently

Ever since Aaradhya was born, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been the busiest mother. All the time she is around her daughter and makes sure that Aaradhya is not left alone and she finds her all time. Aishwarya is so much involved with her daughter that she very often forget to reply to text messages or check on the calls. And that’s the reason for her delay reply.

A source informs that when Aishwarya is at home, she is always with Aaradhya, looking and taking care of her and most of the time, she forgets to check her messages or check calls. By the time, she checks the missus it is too late. Now-a-days Aishwarya gets delaying in replying her calls and keeps her messengers and callers waiting. But one need not have to worry much because there is a way to reach the hands-on mom and it is her husband and actor Abhishek Bachchan. Abhi makes sure that Ash messages the text fast and call back her callers.

Aishwarya loves playing with her 14 months old daughter and has reserved two hours in the evening 4.30 and 6.30 pm to play with Aaradhya.

Proud papa Abhishek is highly impressed with Aishwarya’s dedication. He says, "I'm growing to admire Aishwarya more and more each day. Aaradhya has her playtime reserved every evening and Ash makes sure she doesn't schedule any appointments around those two hours because she has dedicated to spend that time with Aaradhya."

Abhishek adds, "I love playing with my daughter too. She is a little over a year old and I'm truly amazed with the way she runs around already. However, I'm out quite frequently because of work commitments and miss being at home in the evenings. As far as Aishwarya is concerned, her time with Aaradhya is non-negotiable. She will not budge."

Aishwarya is slowly getting back to shape and news is doing the rounds that she will be back soon with a promising project. She was recently spotted at an event 'NDTV Support My School' with Sachin Tendulkar and she looked absolutely stunning.