Abhishek busy changing nappies of his baby

Despite hectic schedule, Abhishek Bachchan could not spend much time with his Beti B’. He is currently busy promoting ‘Players’ but at the same time make sure that whenever he gets time, he will do everything he can for his baby.

Abhishek said, “I have been very busy promoting my film and so I didn’t get enough time to spend with my daughter. Ash is looking after her 24x7, but whenever I get time I do help her out. I do change her nappies if she wakes up in the night. As a couple we decided to do everything ourselves and not take the help of any maid.”


When enquired about Beti B’s looks, Abhishek said, “My daughter’s looks keep on changing. When she was born, I thought she looked like Aishwarya, but then after a few days she began resembling me. Even people who visit us have different opinions. There isn’t any uniformity. But I hope she looks like her mother though... it will be scary to have a girl with a stubble and all!”

Will the Bachchans come out with Beti B’s photographs? “She is too small right now. Plus, I don`t understand why everybody wants to see her? But don`t worry. We will organize a press conference for her first picture,” added Abhishek.

Beti B is yet to be named.