Abhishek Bachchan wants sequel to Drona and a sports flick

After Hrithik, Shahrukh now its Abhishek’s turn to play superhero and he will be doing so in Drona-all-set-to-make-abhishek-bachchan-the-numero-uno-superhero.html> Goldie Behl’s film Drona . The film is supposed to be an extremely big lavish budget film and Abhi plays the hero who has supernatural powers. Abhishek and his dad Amitabh have been taking a lot of personal interest not only in Abhi’s character but also in the creative aspect of the film. In fact even before the shooting for Drona is complete, Abhi is contemplating a series or second part to the film. Apart from this like Aamir, SRK and even John, Abhi is also hunting for a sports related flick as it seems to be the flavour of the season.
Abhishek has already shot a little portion of Drona and will complete a bulk of the shooting in the next three months. Abhi was not able to shoot much for the film due to his wedding with Ash for which he had taken time off from his films. But now the actor is all set to devote his time and energy to the film. He wants Drona to be bigger than Krrish and any other superhero films. The film will also have some brilliant special effects and for this the best Hollywood’s special effects man Charles Darby has been roped in. He has done the special effects for some big Hollywood films. A source claims “Abhi has already made plans on making a series on Drona, just like Krrish.” Drona will also have a budget of around Rs.55 crores.

Abhishek has also set his heart on doing a sports film as many of his contemporaries in the film industry have already done successful sports films. Many sports films have also done reasonably well and have been accepted by the masses and hence he is on the look out for a film with a sports based theme. Abhi is also a die-hard soccer fan and has even caught several of the matches live. Earlier Abhi was supposed to do a film on racing titled Raaste along with John Abraham; however nothing is being said about the film currently. So it remains to be seen who will make a better superhero, Hrithik, Shahrukh or Abhi?

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