Abhishek Bachchan performs to Singh Is Kinng?

Abhishek Bachchan at Unforgettable Tour in LAFirst he created an impact at the IIFA Awards when he introduced 'Singh Is Kinng' to Bangkok on stage. Then Akshay Kumar rocked the the Bachchan's The Unforgettable show in Toronto when he came on stage in his 'sardar' get-up to promote his upcoming release on August 7.
We are unofficially informed that the audience in Los Angeles (where Akshay has been shooting for close to a month with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Kareena Kapoor) were so charmed by the Punjabi 'munda' that they rumouredly drove even Abhishek Bachchan to perform to the title track of 'Singh Is Kinng' during the Unforgettable show on July 26, of which Akshay was not a part.
The audience in LA kept screaming 'Singh Is Kinng' as they were missing Akshay, which supposedly drove the latter's good friend, Abhishek to dance to the title track in good spirit to keep the audience amused.
Akshay attended a press conference of 'Singh Is Kinng' on July 25 at Hotel Hilton Universal City, organised by Studio 18 International. He is said to be attending yet another press conference to promote his upcoming release in Vancouver later this week.