Abhishek Bachchan gives away ten Indo-Pak tickets

Abhishek BachchanJunior Bachchan is one amongst the most popular actors of Bollywood who have a tremendous passion for cricket match especially when it is played between the rivals India and neighbouring Pakistan. As far as possible he loves to grab the marvellous excitement of cricket matches at his luxurious home either with his family or friends but it was surprisingly to note that this time his interest was integrated with quite a different feature.

Though he was quite keen to explore the semi-finals of Mohali which was to be grandly held via India and Pakistan at stands and for that he exclusively obtained ten tickets to share the special moments with his family and friends but he suddenly cancelled them at last moment.

There could be many reasons for his acquirement of 10 tickets for Mohali match but the most appropriate answer could be because though he usually shares the excitement of cricket match effectively at his spacious home but this time he was quite eager to enjoy the match sharing it along with the cricketing crowd; at the stands. This time he truly wanted to avoid watching the semi-finals in corner that was elite and cloistered.

Exclusive stars of Indian film industry, strongly believe that stands are the most perfect place where action can be watched as true excitement. Moreover, it is accompanied with masses not only cheering but also expressing their agony as well as ecstasy. So, watching the semi-finals match of Mohali played between India and Pakistan at stands is undoubtedly a total integration of emotions in-depth. If it would have been not a special match then definitely Abhishek Bachchan would have opted to discover it with the esteemed public around.

It is inevitable that incredible semi-final match of Mohali is considered to be the most crowded event of present era. Thus, at same time it was quite difficult for the security incorporations to offer the needed security to Junior B. Thus it is certainly proved that though many a times great Indian stars wish to explore such exciting cricket matches with public but they have to simply cancel it because of their insecurity factor.

The most favourite friends of Abhishek Bachchan from film industry, namely Sunil Shetty as well as Apoorva Lakhia also tried their best to persuade Junior B to watch the match graciously at stands but he totally refused to alter his decision at last moment and cancelled his 10 tickets. He watched the great match privately at his cozy home, instead. He compassionately gave away the acquired tickets to one of his closest friend.

Though there are innumerable fans of cricket match from Indian film industry but the closest and greatest fan of this cricketing game is Abhishek Bachchan's legendary father Senior Bachchan who watched the extremely exciting semi-finals match of Mohali which was held between India and Pakistan at the elegant home production of his which is proudly named `Buddha Hoga Tera Baap'. This enigmatic film is directed by well-known director of Indian cinema, Puri Jagannath.