Abhishek Bachchan convinced wife Aishwarya for ‘Jazbaa’

There is a certain amount of interest about when beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be making her comeback to films. As per reports, Aishwarya is part of director Sanjay Gupta’s action thriller ‘Jazbaa’ and will start shooting for it from January 2015. Reports also suggest that her husband Abhishek Bachchan has played a key role to persuade his wife in accepting the role. Sanjay Gupta also admitted that his old friend Abhishek was the main reason for Aishwarya accepting the role. She is currently in the midst of a four year hiatus during which she gave birth to her daughter.

Apparently Sanjay Gupta and Junior B wanted to collaborate for long time and while having a discussion Sanjay Gupta revealed that he has bought the rights of a foreign film. Gupta said, "Abhishek loved the story and wanted to know who I had in mind for the female lead. I told him, 'It would be great if Aishwarya could do it'. To my surprise, he asked for the film's copy.”

Only a week later Gupta was informed that Aishwarya has agreed to do the project. Gupta said, "Aishwarya too spoke to me. Subsequently, I visited their home to discuss the details.” For the male lead, the director has zoomed in Irrfan Khan. He said, "The film revolves around four characters. Irrfan plays a suspended cop, a loose cannon. He has always been an understated actor and for the first time he will be playing to the gallery."

John Abraham will be seen in an extended cameo in the film. The director is currently looking for a senior actress to play the fourth character. Sanjay Gupta says that she needs to be a “volcano of talent." However the director has clarified that there will be no romantic angle in the film. He said, "Aishwarya plays a lawyer. The film will not depict any romance between the two but culminates on a note where you get a feeling that Aishwarya and Irrfan's equation might develop into a relationship later."

Sanjay Gupta has refused to reveal the name of the original foreign film citing contract clause . He said, "Jazbaa is an edge-of-the-seat thriller. I have a two-way contract with the company from whom I have bought the rights. They too are not supposed to divulge the fact that they have sold the rights of the film to me. How can I violate the contract?"