Abhishek Bachchan campaigns for Keith Vaz in UK

Excitement is bound to follow Bollywood celebs and what if the celeb is from Bachchan clan? Well, the excitement then gets doubled! This is exactly what happened recently in UK. Elections in Britain would be starting on 7th May and a Bachchan member went on to support a candidate in Britain. It was on Sunday that Abhishek was travelled to east Midlands city – Leicester and campaigned for Keith Vaz, who is a senior Labour leader.

Abhishek Bachchan was seen on Belgrave Road. This road is the hub of culture and business and is crowded by many shops that sell Indian goods. The area has Indian banks and Indian restaurants too. It was a pleasant surprise for the hundreds to see the Bollywood star. Vaz sat with Abhishek in an open car, making their way through the crowd. The swarm of people, including many Indians, surrounded the car and the cameras couldn’t stop clicking!

Here is what Abhishek had to say, “I am here for Keith…He is a close family friend. He possesses so many values I hold close to my heart for our politicians. I know that he is a true leader for the Indian community in the United Kingdom, who does great work for people of Indian origin.”

While Vaz said on the occasion, “Our city was bouncing with the joy and excitement of thousands of adoring fans who came out to see Abhishek…My only request to Abhishek is that he does not stand to be the Member of Parliament for Leicester East, as I would not have a chance”.

Yet another actor has previously campaigned for Vaz. This candidate is of Goa origin and has been supported by Sanjay Dutt when he was running for the 2010 elections. Vaz is the longest serving MP of Asian origin in the House of Commons. The first time he was elected was from Leicester East constituency in 1987. Abhishek Bachchan’s intervening in this way is the symbol of campaigning Indian style. In constituencies such as Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leicester, the significance of Indian origin voters has increased considerably since the past few years.

Kishan Devani is the Conservative opponent of Vaz and has called the visit of Abhishek a gimmick. Kishan said, “The people of Leicester will decide who to vote for on questions of policy, not because of Bollywood stars coming to the city. It's patronising to think that people will be swayed by gimmicks like this…It caused a lot of disruption and for what?”