Abhishek and Karisma’s former relationship, inspiration for bollywood film

Nilesh Mulye debutant director has chosen a real life story to make his debut in bollywood. The director has chosen to make a film on the former relationship of Abhishek Bachchan and Karisma Kapoor. The former couple was engaged at one point of time and was even set to marry, before things suddenly and unknowingly fell apart. Karisma then wed business tycoon Sanjay Kapoor. Abhishek is presently rumoured to be seeing bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai.
The film has tentatively been titled Glamour and Mulye says “My idea is not to show Sanjay Kapur or Karisma Kapoor in a negative light. I have been inspired by the love story of Abhishek and Karisma, their break-up, Karisma’s marriage on the rebound to Sanjay, their hurried honeymoon, their split and finally their re-union once again”. However Mulye does not intend to paint any characters in black. He claims that his film will explore the trend of high profile relationships, marriages and subsequent divorces in bollywood. Mulye says “Glamour will be a social film that will set out at length to tackle the issue of marriage conducted in haste only to repent in leisure”.

Mulye wants to explore the trend of industrialists being charmed by glamour girls, and the disillusionment that they face when confronted by actual reality. Mulye has been doing a lot of research and is currently in the process of completing the script. Mulye has finalized southern star Saakshi Shivanand and her sister Shipa to play the roles of sisters Karisma and Kareena. A newcomer will play the rich industrialist who is a divorcee. Abhishek’s role has not been finalized yet. The venture will be produced by Raj Gandhi.

Many directors have used real life stories to inspire them in their bollywood reels. No doubt the films have an element of both fiction and non-fiction. The director perhaps embellishes the story according to his own creative abilities. The break-up between Abhishek and Karisma was quite sudden, many reasons were speculated but the main reason remains unknown. Whether the film will unravel this mystery remains to be seen?