Abhishek and Bachchan family upset over Ash’s skimpy clothes and smooch

Dhoom 2 released on 24 November and everybody is talking about Ash’s new hot look and style. The film has received a fairly good response. In the film all the actors have a very stylish and hot look. Both the actresses Ash and Bipasha are seen parading about in skimpy costumes and look extremely hot in the film. While Bips has always portrayed a sexy onscreen image in most of her films, it’s the first time that Ash is seen in skimpy clothes and the actress even has her first onscreen smooch with Hrithik in the film. It’s a bold move by Ash but unfortunately Ash’s off-screen boyfriend Abhishek and his family; the Bachchan’s are extremely upset by her bold moves on screen.
Earlier during the week, Dhoom 2 was screened for the entire Bachchan clan and Ash too was present for the screening. However according to sources, immediately after the film screening was through Abhishek expressed his disapproval over Ash’s hot and skimpy styling as well as her on-screen smooch with his close buddy Hrithik Roshan. The Bachchan family too were disappointed with Ash’s bold stance in the film. However Abhishek too is a part of the film and was aware to an extent of his girl’s hot on-screen look and the passionate kiss shown. But knowing and seeing are two different aspects and Abhishek was extremely upset when he saw the final take and clearly made Ash aware of his disapproval. Ash on her part has been maintaining a stoic silence on the issue.

According to sources “The Bachchan clan are wondering where was the need for Ash to change her demure image at this stage and agree to a full blown kiss on film.” The entire issue has led to a friction in the golden couple’s off-screen romantic relationship and now the relationship seems to be on rocky ground. Abhishek and family on their part are in all probability wondering whether they will be able to handle Ash’s new image in the future. Ash on her part too is probably wondering whether her new found image will require her to make several compromises in her career and personal life. The issue is not likely to just die down and perhaps the couple are talking about the pros and cons of remaining together. One also wonders whether Abhishek will hold a grudge against his buddy Hrithik Roshan who shares the passionate kiss with Ash in the film.

The entire issue will now make the couple examine and re-check their priorities and commitment towards each other. Will the couple compromise and whether their relationship manages to survive this crisis remains to be seen? In bollywood there has always been double standards for men and women, that is why perhaps nobody even batted an eyelid when Abhishek himself indulged in an on-screen kiss with several of his co-stars. It is also perhaps one of the reasons that plenty of married actresses tend to give up their acting career after marriage as their partners and family are uncomfortable with the fact that their woman has to get close and personal with several male co-stars.