Abhishek and Ash walk out of Umrao Jaan premiere screening in Dubai

There was a screening of Umrao Jaan held in Dubai and both Ash and Abhishek attended the premiere screening. However this was the first time that both the actors were watching the screening of the film and were not given a screening by director J.P Dutta prior to this. According to sources right in the middle of the film Abhi just got up and left and after a few minutes his ladylove Ash too followed suit. Sources say “People were making fun of Abhishek’s dialogues in the film. This irritated him and he walked out.” Abhishek wanted to see the film prior to its first public screening in Dubai, but J. P Dutta was busy with the final touches of the film and hence finally Abhi only got to see the final version of the film along with the masses.
Also sources claim Abhi was not happy with the way his character shaped up in the final version of the film and hence he showed his displeasure by walking out of the film screening mid-way. However Ash too followed suit, we wonder if it is perhaps in support of her beau or just to placate the actor and console him with words of false praise. However according to certain sources close to the actor the reason why they walked out of their own film screening mid-way was because they had to catch a flight back to Mumbai as both Ash and Abhi had prior commitments to get back to. Whatever the reason now, if the lead actors walk out of their film mid-way, what kind of an impression does that leave and also how do they expect the rest of the audiences to sit through their entire film.

Rumours of Mallika Sherawat being married

No matter how much controversial gal Mallika Sherawat tries to stay away from controversy, it seems like she can’t keep out of it. Mallika has recently been avoiding the media as she claims that very often she has been misquoted. Some time back there was talk of Mallika hiding her real age and now there are talks of a secret marriage and a secret husband. Recently Mallika attended a marriage function of a high profile minister’s daughter. She was seen hobnobbing with the high profile invitees when a politician greeted her cordially and reminded her of the times that she and her husband Mr. Sherawat worked as pilot and air hostess for their fleet. However Mallika completely denied ever being married and said “But I was never married.”

However the politician was most certain that he was not making a grave mistake and maintained his stance that he knew both Mallika and her husband. Well Mallika too maintained her denial mode and wisely walked away from the embarrassing situation quickly. Well is it Miss Sherawat or Mrs. Sherawat girl?

Salman Khan is playing peacemaker

Salman Khan’s Eid parties are famous for their endless hospitality and jovial ambience. This year too Salman and his family hosted an Eid party at their home and several of bollywood’s actors and actresses joined in the celebrations. Actress Amisha Patel too was present during the festivities, and unfortunately she came face to face with brother Ashmit Patel whom she has not been on talking terms with. In fact Amisha is not in touch with her entire family as their relationship had soured over a dispute about the actress’s financial earnings. But Salman is very family oriented and when he saw the brother-sister duo ignoring each other, he decided to intervene and play the peacemaker. Salman spoke to both Amisha and Ashmit and urged them to try and sort out their differences with each other. Finally both Ashmit and Amisha relented and spoke with each other and were visibly left quite emotional. Well it’s great to see Salman playing the role of peacemaker!

Not only is Salman playing peacemaker to others, but he also seems to be making his own peace with those whom he has had disputes with, in the past. The actor had a fall out with director Subhash Ghai some years back, and both of them had vowed never to work with each other. However as the saying goes “there are no permanent friends or enemies in the industry”….so when Ghai offered Salman the lead role in a film to be directed by him, Salman quickly accepted. Salman often attends many events held by Subhash Ghai and he was recently seen at the music launch of Apna Sapna Money Money.

Amitabh Bachchan creates cinematic record by completing 23 scenes in five hours

Amitabh Bachchan recently turned 64 years but the actor does not seem to have any intention of slowing down and is even giving many of the young stars a run for their money. Recently Amitabh Bachchan shot 23 scenes in five hours for Apoorva Lakhia’s film ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala’ and created a record of sorts as no other actor has managed to do such a feat. Bachchan is definitely a powerhouse of energy and is still raring to go. Lakhia and his other cast and crew members were amazed with the energy levels of Amitabh, but the modest Bachchan senior brushes it all aside by simply terming it as part of his job. This led the other actors on the sets to push themselves too and the film schedule too was completed before time.

Amitabh has also been honoured by the Delhi University; he has been awarded an honorary doctorate in literature for his outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema. Incidentally Amitabh has earlier been honoured with the title of Dr. in London and he has also been honoured by the France Government both for his contribution to Indian Cinema. Amitabh was nostalgic as he has also graduated from the Delhi University. His entire family, wife Jaya Bachchan, son Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Shweta were present at the event to lend their support.

Aamir Khan now wants to direct his home production ‘Taare Zameen Par’

Aamir Khan is known to have a reputation for interfering in all the departments of filmmaking in most of his films. This perhaps stems from his need to be a perfectionist. Aamir is currently busy with his home production ‘Taare Zameen Par’ which is being directed by Amol Gupte. Unfortunately though according to sources, Aamir was not happy with Amol’s direction and kept interfering, which eventually lead to a showdown between the actor and the director. Aamir is then said to have thrown out Amol and is now directing the film himself.

However according to some other sources, Aamir did not like the way Amol was handling things, but has decided to still keep him on but he too will co-direct the film. Well no guesses for who’s gonna have the last word, right Aamir. The film is currently being shot in Panchgani.