Abhijit Sawant denies accident allegation

India Idol winner Abhijit Sawant vehemently denied accident allegation. He called up a press conference and clear the weather about the accident rumor that is doing all over the channels. He said that he was neither drunk nor racing his car with Prajakta as reported. In fact, he was not in the scene. When the accident took place, Prajakta was surrounded by public. Feared Prajakta called him up for help.

He immediately arrived at the place to help her out. He even added that the bikers were not wearing their helmets and also not carrying their license. He said that police could not control the mob and they got inside the police station and assaulted him.

He even clarified that they were not drunk and police has not come across any evidence after checking their cars and bags. They called up a press conference on Wednesday to clear things.