Abhi shaadi hogi bhi toh kaise? Arjun Kapoor on wedding with Malaika

Recently, in an Instagram live session, Arjun Kapoor opened up on his wedding plans with girlfriend and actress Malaika Arora. He said, "I will tell all of you when I am getting married. There are no plans as of right now. Abhi shaadi hogi bhi toh kaise, agar karni bhi hogi."

The 'Panipat' actor also revealed why Malaika is special for him. He said, "It's difficult to sum up, when you love somebody, that one particular thing you like, because the whole point is that when you love somebody, you love the entirety of the personality that the person has."

He added, "With her, I feel she really gets me and she’s very patient with me. I am not the easiest or the simplest person to be with, I am a certain way, and I think her patience with me really matters."

There has been constant speculation that Arjun will tie the knot with Malaika Arora very soon. On this he said, “You tell me! The subject of my wedding is not something that I would like to talk about. Frankly, if I was tying the knot, people would know about it. Today, nothing stays or needs to be hidden beyond a point”.

“Speculation is harmless. But I admit, I don’t like to respond to it all the time. Also, it gets tiring for the people involved to constantly react. There has been so much gossip on this subject that even the people who earlier tended to believe it are no longer doing so. I don’t have anything against anyone”, he added.

However, the actor does not blame media. "The media and the paparazzi are doing their job. The people reading the 'gossip' are doing their job. They are forming an opinion based on what they are reading. No one is to blame. However, I have to do my actual job," he said, adding that his focus is on acting.

At the same time, Arjun admits that Malaika is special. He further added, “I don’t have anything to discuss. I have nothing to hide. What the world is seeing, they are seeing. However, I have no desire to justify my personal life beyond a point. It is important to have good people around me and I feel fortunate that I have such individuals in my life”.