Abhi's clone sends death threat SMS to Big B

The 25-year-old Devisingh Padamsingh Rajpurohit, resident of Jalor district of Rajasthan looks very much like Abhishek Bachchan. He thought to use his face to lure Big B and acquire money from him. With this aim, he started sending him SMSs demanding Rs 25 crore and threatened him to take away his life incase his demand does not get fulfilled. "Since I am an Abhishek look-alike, it is imperative that Amitabh Bachchan should look after me, support me and give me Rs25 crore," said Devisingh Padamsingh Rajpurohit.

For couple of days, Rajpurohit was sending death threat SMSs, asking Amitabh for Rs 25 crore. It sated that on the morning of September 26, he received a text message on his mobile. It read: ‘You are going to die and have only three days to live. Pay up Rs 25 crore, or else you will die.’ On the same day, Amitabh lodged a complaint at anti extortion cell.

The anti-extortion cell of crime branch investigated the matter, tracked the message to Rajpurohit’s number and sent a team to Rajasthan and arrested the accused. It was also reported that the man played Abhishek's body double in Drona years back while he was shooting in Jaisalmer.