Abhi makes Ash happy

'Anything for my dearest wife and the most beautiful women of the world' is the call of Abhishek’s heart. Vivacious Aishwarya Bachchan celebrated her 35th birthday debarred of Pa and Maa and the lady felt little disheartened. On looking at her gloomy face, dearest hubby could easily discover that Ash was missing her family utmost; he immediately opened up his gadget and connected Ash to Pa and Maa. Being techno savvy, Abhishek always carries his electronic gadgets with him and he had made best use of it to bring smile back to his beautiful wife.

Father-in-law wished bahurani from distant and showered all the best wishes and blessing over her. Amitabh wrote in his blog that they are very happy with their son’s choice and feels fortunate to be called as Aishwarya's father-in-law.

Ash celebrated birthday with Abhi and the unit members of Ravana in the thick jungles of Kochi in Kerala. The day went as usual – they left for the shooting venue at 5 am and returned at 7 pm, and then celebrated. "It was a small, quiet affair with the unit. We celebrated with some good food after we packed up," said a unit member.