'Abhi kiski saath hai tu?’ Sallu asks Kat

Salman Khan knows better how to crack joke and insult his mates. If anyone ever takes panga with Salman then he or she is finished because it never missed any opportunity to insult them. After Katrina Kaif cut ties with Sallu miya, she is on his gun point. First on Bigg Boss, he made her cry and now during the Screen awards, he gets naughty with her. Salman asks Katrina after her performance, 'Abhi kiski saath hai tu?’ 

Said a source present at the awards, "Salman was sitting outside his van when Katrina had finished her performance and crossed him to reach her vanity van parked next to his.

Salman called out to her warmly and asked her to join him. When she came, Salman got up, hugged her and even kissed her on the cheek in full view of everyone. It was obvious by the act that Sallu and Kat were very relaxed towards each other."

But the fun started when Katrina got up to return to her van. "After catching up on each other's lives for a few minutes, Kat decided she had to change out of her costume.

As she started walking away, Salman in his usual mischievous style suddenly called out to Katrina, 'abhi kiski saath hai tu?'

A stunned Katrina turned around to rebuke Salman when he quickly gestured towards her bodyguard, implying that he had addressed the question to him and not to her.
"Salman asked the bodyguard again 'ab kiske saath hai toon?' with a huge grin on his face thus averting what could have been a big public showdown!"

As far as you are Salman’s friend, he is very nice with you but the moment, you turned around your face, he becomes your biggest foe.