Abhi is helping out Ash

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek BachchanThough many stories have filled up the gossip columns regarding Ash and Abhi’s differences, nothing seemed to have moved their commitment and they are similarly together as before. Ash’s untimely call of German measles has stunned all her plans and programs. She has failed to devote her time for rehearsal and has stick to bed for couple of days, withholding the rehearsals for the tour. To help Ash to get her steps right in a limited time frame, Abhi has learnt Aishwarya’s step from Shiamak and choreographed her at home.

"We have been rehearsing for the tour non-stop for nearly a month now. Shiamak [Davar] has been working us around so hard to get our dance steps right that my wife Aishwarya fell sick with exhaustion. For three days, she could not move out of the house. That put an additional burden on me because I had to do her steps also, not only at the rehearsal hall but at home too in order to teach her the dance steps Shiamak had given her for the songs she would be dancing to during the tour," Abhishek states.

As papa Amitabh is also not keeping well these days, Abhi may have to perform his part of Kajra Re with Ash.