Abhi-Ash skips Rani’s party despite being invited

Everybody is aware of the cold war between Rani and Aishwarya which goes back a long way ever since Rani stepped into Ash’s role without informing her in the film Chalte Chalte. Both Ash and Rani were said to be thick pals earlier and always took advice from each other. However it now seems like Ash’s hubby and Rani’s good friend Abhishek is being dragged into the midst of the cold war. And no prizes for guessing whom Abhi is siding with, obviously the smitten husband is keen to please his new bride Ash.
Rani and the Bachchans have always shared an extremely friendly relationship, she also shares good on-screen chemistry with Abhishek and has also worked with Amitabh in the film Black. However it was clear that the Bachchans would be drawn into the cold war between Ash and Rani when the latter was not invited for the grand Ash-Abhi wedding. Recently Ash also accompanied Abhi for the shooting schedule of Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag to Switzerland. There the vibes between Ash and Rani were ice cold and Ash even offended the heroine Rani by commentating on her excess of make-up for the film . Rani was miffed but decided to try and make peace, so after the shooting was wrapped up she invited the entire cast and crew of Lagaa Chunari Mein Daag for a completion party. Rani was also gracious to extend the invitation to Abhishek’s wife Ash. However Ash was not in the mood to make peace, both she and Abhi did not turn up for the event. Jaya Bachchan who also stars in the film was gracious enough to call her hosts and inform them about her ill health which was the reason for her not making it to the party. However son Abhi and daughter-in-law Ash simply skipped the party with no explanations offered. A source though claims “We really don't know what's happening between Rani and Ash, but it's a fact that they are not best buddies. However, Abhishek and his family are extremely fond of Rani. I doubt that equation will ever change.”

Meanwhile Ash is extremely busy as she has to wind up her commitments back home before she can start shooting for her international film Pink Panther 2. She has been winding up her epic film Jodha Akbar which also stars Hrithik Roshan. Nonetheless the film which was supposed to have an October release has been postponed to January 2008 due to the enormous post-production work involved. Ash has also refused to do overtly sexy roles after marriage or shed her clothes for Pink Panther 2 and she has made this quite clear to the international filmmakers.

While Ash is away in Europe shooting for her international film, Abhi will complete his film Drona and he has also decided to start working out and develop a fit body after seeing SRK’s awesome six pack abs. No doubt Abhi feels that he has to keep up with the competition if he wants to keep his place in the film industry especially with almost all actors like Salman, SRK, Aamir, Saif, Sanjay, John etc sporting near perfect bodies. It’s about time Abhi hit the gym with a vengeance.