Ash-Abhi celebrates five years of togetherness

abhishek-bachchan_aishwarya-raiAs one of the most luscious couples of B Town; looks all set to celebrate their fifth anniversary and that too in the divine company of the delightful bundle of joy, it will be interesting recounting some of the sweet musings from their marital as well as pre-marital bliss.

When they got married on the 20th of April 2007, they were on the center stage of attention. Four years might have elapsed since then, but no matter what happens, irrespective of success & failure in their professional arena; they are seldom able to hide themselves from the peering glances of the enthusiastic media. Despite, the best possible attempts on the contrary, Abhi & Ash had scarcely managed to keep the searchlight from its keen focus.

Abhi & Aish are as much famous as a couple as they are as individual cult figures.  Born with the proverbial claim to the silver spoon, Abhishek belongs to the legendary and awe inspiring household of the Bachchans. Though his filmy career had its own share of highs and lows, it will be unfair to attribute his fame to that of reflected glory. As the scion of one of the world’s most startling performer, Abhishek may not merit comparison on similar yardsticks, but there is little to deny Abhi’s claim to success and fame on the strength of his own merits.

Aishwarya Rai who startled the world with the glittering title of ‘Miss World’ happened to be a part and parcel of the world of modeling. Having made it big in the sparkling domain of ramp walking, she ventured into Bollywood filmdom. Acclaimed the world over for her stunning beauty, Aish happens to be one of the prized catches of the B Town film makers.

Ranging from bringing the duo closer together down to sealing it all in the holy bonds of matrimony, destiny had its own parts to offer. Prior to settling down in 2007, both had deals to offer in quite a few flicks. To go by the words of the doting hubby, the New York premiere of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru’ forged their bonds towards matrimony, as the love struck Abhishek sought to seek the hands of the coo-cooing princess knee deep  in love. The rest of course was history.

But perhaps the road to loving and that of marrying wasn’t a dreamy cakewalk to success. Before settling down as man and wife, the couple was found accompanying the concerned parents in their visits from temple to temple. It was in the air, things weren’t picture perfect as per the dictates of astrology. Thus the lovelorn pair needed to seek divine blessing to ward off evil influences. All said and done, things do look hale and hearty. Over the years, Abhishek has managed to strengthen his claim to fame and glory. Moreover, the couple has recently become the proud parents of a cutie pie. Well slated for a long innings of togetherness, we wish the promising couple success in their personal as well as professional endeavors.