Abhay Deol in financial crisis, mortgages his Juhu flat

After the disaster of ‘One By Two’, Abhay Deol became a bankrupt. He has taken loan from bank to make the film which costs to around 8 crore but as the film badly doomed at the box-office and failed to recover even the production money, Abhay Deol had to face a financial crisis. He has availed loan of nearly 8 crores from bank and had to submit his property paper as a surety. In order to bear the expenses and pay the bank loan, Abhay had mortgaged his Juhu flat.

The apartment located in Pandurang Co-operative Housing Society in Juhu, worth around Rs. 2 -3 crore.  And if the actor fails to repay the loan, the bank would declare his property as a Non-Performing asset and seize it.

Abhay Deol confirmed the news to a leading tabloid and said, “I have availed a loan for which I had to give papers for this property as surety.”

The same tabloid quoted a source as saying, “He is currently residing in another house of his in Santacruz. He is redoing his Goa property.”

Made on a budget of Rs. 8 crore, ‘One By two’ was made with five other producers. They too had their share.

‘One By Two’ is a 2014 Hindi romantic comedy directed by Devika Bhagat. Released on 31 January 2014 at multiplexes, the film was screened on approximately 500 screens in India. The film stars real life couple Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai.

According to sources in the real estate industry, the flat is a 2BHK and its market rate is R3-4 crore. The price of the neighbouring apartments facing towards the sea is comparatively higher.