ABCD 2: Watch Shraddha, Varun propose love in ‘Sun Saathiya’

The makers of ‘ABCD 2’ are slowly opening their Pandora box. They have now released the second song from the film titled, ‘Sun Saathiya’ and it shows an intense chemistry between Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. In the song, the couple proposes love to one another and immediately Shraddha set the dance floor on fire.

The track is soulful and will definitely connect with the audience heart. Shraddha and Varun will show their dancing skill in the song. The melodious song showcases love of the couple and will surely take the audience by storm.

The chemistry of Varun and Shraddha is the highlight of the song. ‘Sun Saathiya’ is mesmerizing. The song has a beautiful scene of kites flying. Around 60 kites are used in the song.

‘Sun Saathiya’ is a treat for the eyes and soothing to the ears.

‘ABCD 2’ sequel to ‘ABCD’ directed by Remo D’Souza is based on dance. The movie will release on June 19.