Alisa Khan says people are offering her money to sleep with them

Small time Bollywood actress Alisa Khan was reportedly abandoned by her family after her ex-boyfriend leaked a video of their intimate moments. She was found wandering aimlessly on the streets of Delhi.

The actress, who has featured opposite Emraan Hashmi’s co-star in yet unreleased film ‘Aaina’, has now claimed that she is being abused on social media after her story of living on the Delhi streets surfaced. Alisa said that her family disowned her after her ex-boyfriend leaked her MMS online. She has also registered a police complaint against her ex-boyfriend.

A report in Hindustan Times quoted the actress as saying, “My family threw me out and I was on the road. I had no option but to beg to the media for help. I raised a voice against this. This is a case like Pratyusha (Banerjee). I don’t want to die and I will keep fighting till I get justice. My great grandfather was an emperor and courage is in my blood. I am living on the road and suffering. If you google me, men and women are writing nasty things about me.”

Speaking about what exactly happened, Alisa said, “My ex-boyfriend leaked the MMS online a month ago. I came to Delhi in April and I was shooting and this happened overnight. People who follow me, informed me about this. I don’t know when he actually put it online. I was sleeping at home when people in my Bollywood circle informed me. I was shocked.”

She, however, didn’t seem to know much about her ex-boyfriend. “He was just known as Sameer. I don’t know his full name. He was my boyfriend, not my husband,” Alisa said.

She also didn’t want to seek financial help from her co-star Emraan. “It is against my ethics. I am a celebrity. I am a star. How can I ask for money? I can only fight. I have my morals. I cannot beg. I can fight and I will fight,” she said.

Alisa said that she had to sell all her jewellery and phone to meet her expenses after her family turned her out of the house, adding, “People are offering me money to sleep with them. They know my condition is bad.”

The actor pleaded for justice and requested the publication to take this as a “big story because as a woman I am getting exploited.”

Alisa was seen in 2013 film ‘My Husband’s Wife’, besides some music videos.

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